Pobal HP Deprivation index

National Government Spatial


Social Gradient index categorising al Small Areas in the State on a scale of disadvantage / affluence. The index is constructed using census data and is used for resource allocation, where state interventions have a specific remit on targeting disadvantage. Examples include the Dept. of Education (DEIS Designation), Dept. of Rural & Communities (SICAP, LEADER), Dept. of Children (Early Years Capital), TUSLA and the HSE.


The data is full population, being derived from the national census. The index scores are available at the National, county, ED & Small Area level. The index gives each geographic unit a score of between 50 and -50, following a normalised distribution curve where circa 70% of the population live in areas with scores between 10 and -10. Each band of 10 represents one standard deviation from the mean.

Additional Info

Field Value
Primary Identifier Small Area ID
Personal Data No
Sensitive Personal Data No
Business Data No
Spatial Data Yes
Data Sharing Yes
API Available No
Open Data Yes
Open Data Portal Link https://data.gov.ie/dataset/hp-deprivation-index-scores-2016
Update frequency Other