Animal Identification & Movement Database

Agriculture Spatial Personal Business

From: Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine


The animal identification databases are used to trace animal movements for cattle, pig, sheep and goats. The purpose of these systems is to reassure consumers that the food they eat can be traced back to its source.


The Animal identification and Movement (AIM) system is a generic database, recording various levels of identification and movement data in relation to bovine, ovine, caprine, porcine and equine animals. It manages, directly or indirectly through outsourcing, the registration, identification (by means of tagging and the use of passports /other documentation as appropriate) and movements for bovine, ovine, caprine and porcine animals as applicable and records movements at animal or herd level. Specific identification data in respect of equine animals are also recorded on the database.

Additional Info

Field Value
Primary Identifier Tag ID/Herd ID (internal)
Personal Data Yes
Sensitive Personal Data No
Business Data Yes
Spatial Data Yes
Data Sharing No
API Available No
Open Data No
Update frequency Daily