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The establishment of the Public Service API Catalogue marks an essential milestone in achieving the central vision of the Public Service Data Strategy 2019 – 2023. This vision centres on improving data governance, management and re-use by delivering an integrated Public Service-wide approach to data.

The implementation of the Public Service API Catalogue will not only facilitate greater API and dataset discovery and reuse between Public Service Bodies (PSBs) but will also present an opportunity to apply consistent design, management and security standards of Public Service APIs by informing PSBs of API international best standards and guidelines.

The API standards apply to all APIs owned or developed by the Public Service and act as a reference source for PSBs when assessing what areas of API design, security and management processes and practices are to be addressed to meet these standards.

Through PSBs adopting the these best standards into in-house API practices and processes, it is envisaged that the standard of APIs facilitating data exchange across the Public Service will be of a consistently high quality to mitigate any external vulnerabilities, drive more efficient data exchange and establish trust between PSBs and the public of Public Service API data exchange. A uniform Public Service-wide approach to consistent API design, management and security incorporating international best standards will promote greater trust in data transparency, discoverability, reusability and reliability quality between PSBs that further facilitate once-only collection of public data and its continuous reuse across the Public Service.

Publication of Public Service API standards and guidelines will not only ensure trust between PSBs, but also public trust, that the highest international standards are used as a base line for API exchange of public data within the Public Service.

The Public Service API Standards and Guidelines document will be published in early 2024.

Document Audience

The audience for the Public Service API standards and guidelines document are API Developers, Cybersecurity Specialists and service delivery managers whose remit is to design and manage interdepartmental APIs in the Public Service.

The API standards and guidelines has been written for internal use within the Public Service however it is being made available for broader reference to the public , to ensure public transparency of base-line API standards in the Public Service, and to organisations developing Public Service APIs.