Tenancy Management System

Housing Spatial Personal Business

From: Residential Tenancies Board


Database containing records in respect of Registration of Tenancies, 2004 - ongoing and Dispute Resolution , 2004 - ongoing.


In accordance with sections 127 and 134 of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2004 as amended, the RTB has statutory responsibility for the creation and maintenance of a register of tenancies in the private rental sector, approved housing body sector and student specific accommodation sector. As part of this process, landlords are required to register a tenancy and pay a registration fee. The RTB TMS database includes a number of separate modules to facilitate the various functions of the RTB. This register of tenancies is retained permanently in digital format. This public register does not include identifying information or rent amounts, but only includes details of addresses. The master register contains details of the names of the tenant and landlord; the PPSN of the landlord and also of the tenant, where available; address of the rented property; date of commencement of tenancy; type of dwelling; BER rating; number of bedrooms; size; number of occupants; type of tenancy; amount of rent paid and the frequency of payment; length of tenancy; name of agent, where relevant; address for correspondence, which may differ from the rental address, particularly for landlords with multiple properties; registered address of the landlord, which may be the address of a property, home address or business address; Companies Registration Office number of registered businesses; type of management company, whether a company or an individual; Eircode; if landlord is an Approved Housing Body; date application was received; and source of application data, including whether migrated from pre-existing system or scanned/inputted.

Additional Info

Field Value
Primary Identifier Registered tenancies number, dispute resolution number, tribunal resolution number, PPSN, CRO
Personal Data Yes
Sensitive Personal Data No
Business Data Yes
Spatial Data Yes
Data Sharing Yes
API Available No
Open Data No
Update frequency Daily