Public Service API Catalogue

8 December 2023


In-line with the vision  of the current Public Services Data Strategy to improve how the Public Service data is securely and efficiently re-used, the Public Service API Catalogue is a key enabler of greater API service and dataset discoverability, transparency and re-use between Public Service Bodies.  By allowing Public Service Bodies to the catalogue and publish metadata describing API services and datasets held within their organisation in one central location for discovery; a more transparent and integrated Public Service-wide data ecosystem could be promoted leading to easier and more efficient data exchange and re-use across the Public Service. The Public Service API Catalogue acts as the stepping-stone for PSBs to identify the owners of API data services across the Public Service who facilitate further access requests. 

In addition, the Public Service API Catalogue will improve the technical and security quality of API services across the Public Service by collating and publishing API design, management and security international best standards documentation for Public Service Body consideration.