Ireland's Open Data Portal

17 December 2020

Open Data Portal

The public service comprises a diverse range of government departments, offices and agencies, who deliver a wide range of services across all areas of society and business. These organisations produce large quantities of valuable data.

The concept of open data is about making the data held by these public service bodies available and easily accessible online, for reuse and redistribution. Open data has been identified as a fundamental resource for governments, business and civil society. The positive impacts of open data are wide-ranging and cover political, social and economic spheres. These can range from improving transparency and efficiency of government, potential for business innovation and a vast array of social and personal benefits.

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has policy responsibility for Ireland’s open data policy. A key output has been our national open data portal, which provides access to official non-personal government data, in open format. The portal currently links to over 8,800 datasets from some 100 publishers. This data must be published under an open licence so it can be freely used, re-used and redistributed.

You can visit the Open Data Portal at